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Our story

Have you ever looked up at the sky and hoped to see firsthand what lies beyond our world? Or have you already ventured into the wild unknowns of the universe and become fascinated by what’s out there? If so, you’re not alone. At Astronoscope, our love for astronomy started just like many of you. We were intrigued by space and began our journey searching the night skies for our favourite objects, hoping to catch a glimpse of something glorious.


We are Andy and Helen - a stargazing couple who poured our adoration and fascination of the universe into Astronoscope. Our website is your guide to astronomy, and we hope to help you learn more about space and make your journey into the world beyond our planet easier and less intimidating.

On your journey, you can think of us as your ‘space tour guides' and a hub of information as you learn more about the universe, space objects and how to use astronomical equipment to view wonders beyond your imagination. 

Hi! I’m Andy: Discover the skies with me

My interest in astronomy started like many of you. I was a young 12-year-old kid who was intrigued by a comet and chased the skies in the hope that I would one day see it. My search for Comet Kohoutek, which was hyped as the “comet of the century”, made its first appearance in our solar system in the mid '70s. After endless days searching for it with a trusted pair of binoculars, I was sorely disappointed because the lousy weather and cloudy skies of Southern England made it elusive. 

Although Comet Kahoutek was a major disappointment, it did serve an integral role in my journey into astronomy. It opened the doors to a world beyond the skies and stars and gave me front row seats to the great expanse of space. While looking for the elusive comet, I remember how beautiful the stars looked on clear nights, and my search eventually awakened an unwavering enthusiasm for astronomy that eventually led to the start of Astronoscope.


Mesmerising objects spotted in space

Through the decades, I’ve seen some pretty incredible gems in space, including many planets in our solar system. I’ve also studied an array of nebulae (stunning interstellar clouds) and the M31 Andromeda Galaxy, which is a phenomenal 2.5 million light-years away. But, my favourite ‘space gem’ since a child is without a doubt comets - they often appear with little or no warning and can be something we will only ever see once. My two highlights as an astronomy enthusiast are witnessing Comet Halley in 1985 and Hale-Bopp in 1997. It’s my greatest goal to one day discover a new comet!

Hi! I’m Helen: Let’s explore the majesty of space together

I’ve always had a fascination with the night sky and what lies beyond it. I remember being a little girl and being in awe of the sheer size and majesty of space. I would try to wrap my head around the incredible distance between the planets in our solar system and the fact that we could still see them from earth. Although my love for space is part of who I am, I never really pursued it until I met Andy. His enthusiasm piqued my interest further, and the rest is history! 


Highlights in my exploration of space

I’ve had two highlights so far, firstly seeing the Southern Cross constellation, also known as Crux, at the Sydney Observatory in Australia, and secondly, being blown away by the sight of Jupiter and Saturn, which I viewed from Herstmonceux Castle in England. 


Does your mind linger beyond the sky?

Astronoscope is a dream turned into reality - at its heart, it is for those whose minds linger beyond the sky. It is a place where astronomy is learnt in an easy and fun way, ensuring it becomes a lifelong interest. After all, those who play among the stars live a life of wonder and amazement.

If you’re a budding amateur astronomer, Astronoscope wants to make the learning curve a little less intimidating by guiding you along the journey. It is also for those more experienced and seasoned in the community who want to increase their understanding and upgrade their equipment to view deeper into space.

View the universe better

Astronoscope provides a range of high-quality and cutting-edge equipment to take your stargazing to mind-blowing heights. Whether you’re just starting or seasoned, we have the ideal options for you. 


We specialise in:


Let’s discover hidden worlds

We are pleased to welcome you to Astronoscope and hope to hold your interest in astronomy because our experience promises that it will be an exciting ride with plenty to discover. 

Astronomy is for everyone - women, men and children from every background. The only requirement is to have an inquiring mind that yearns to witness creations beyond this world, which are so far away yet intrinsically tied to our existence in a cosmic dance. 

At Astronoscope, we love planet Earth just as much as other planets in our solar system. Therefore, we have partnered with One Tree Planted - a non-profit organisation dedicated to global reforestation. This means when you place an order on our website for a telescope, binoculars or related accessories, we will plant a tree and give back to nature!

So take our hand, and let’s go on an adventure as we travel through space, discovering the never-ending universe and its captivating hidden treasures.

To discover more, check out our blog posts or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages. You will find plenty of useful and interesting information as a beginner or seasoned astronomer.


Welcome to Astronoscope, we hope you enjoy the ride into space and all its wonders!